Our Kennel

Please take a moment to 'visit' our kennel.

Our puppies are whelped inside our home, where the spend the first couple weeks of their lives. Once their eyes have opened, they’re moved out to the kennel. They are raised outside when the weather is nice, with lots of room to roam and play, and are put up at night and in the heat of the day or if it’s too cold. They are in our climate controlled kennel, with access to free choice premium puppy food and fresh, clean water.  They’re started on basic potty training very early on, and you can see from the pictures that they know where to potty, and where to play. You can see in the video below what the kennel looks like when they’ve been in it all day- not ONE mess anywhere but on the puppy pads! Then, when they’re big enough to navigate the dog door (usually by 5-6 weeks) I add the partition back in the kennel and they potty outside. They get regular baths, and lots of play and snuggle time inside our home. They will come to you very comfortable with baths and nail trimmings, both with a clipper and a dremmel. 

Our adult dogs are not kenneled. We live on a rural property and have wireless fence installed on almost the entire 30 acres. Our dogs are with me all day- either down in my shop, in the house, or playing outside. They have access to the heated kennel, but generally you can find them playing outside or sleeping in my shop while I work. I don’t believe in keeping animals in cages, so unless a female is in heat, or we are out of town, my dogs have free rein to my farm, both inside the home and on our acreage. When I say our dogs are used to other animals, I mean it- we have chickens, horses, cows, and barn cats (see photo below to spot Binx the cat snuggled up with the dogs- if I’m in the shop, the dogs AND cats are generally with me!) Our animals are our family. They’re all here because of their incredible dispositions, I won’t keep a dog who I can’t trust with my kids and cats!

Our pups are also taught at a young age how to use a dog door. Below you can see them going in and out of it.They’re smart cookies!