Retired Animals

A new lease on life after their breeding career.

Although we have a ton of room on our property here at HCR- we also treat every single one of our dogs like family, and work hard every day to ensure that they ALL get the attention they so deserve. That being said, when our dogs retire from their breeding career here with us, my goal is to find them a home where they will be someones center of attention! I cannot, in good conscience, keep every dog, when I know they can live a pampered existence elsewhere. My dogs have EARNED their retirements, and will ONLY be placed in homes where they will be the pampered pooches they deserve to be. Sometimes we also have dogs who do not produce to the standards we strive for, or fail health testing in some way, shape or form, but can go on to live long, healthy lives as pets (health testing is generally done between 12-18 months). This is an opportunity to leave the pesky puppy stage behind, and bring home a perfect partner.  

ALL dogs that leave our home are FULLY housebroken, in all senses of the word. With the exception of Athena (who will steal ANY bread you leave on your counter while you sleep!) I trust my dogs 1000% in my home- they do not get on furniture, counter surf, or chew ANY items in the home that do not belong to them. They all have excellent recall, and do VERY well both on and off leash. If they have any issues with other dogs/ cats/ kids- those will all be fully disclosed before placement. We DO require a rehoming fee on our adults- and I require them to be spayed or neutered before leaving my property (rehoming fee covers this cost) They will be heartworm negative, on current vaccination and deworming protocal- and pre loved. If you are interested in owning a Dane, but do’t want the hassle of raising a puppy- please reach out to me. I may not always have one posted, but I generally have at least a female per year retiring- in the past, they’ve found homes with friends and family, as everyone who meets our dogs adores them! I would be happy to discuss upcoming retiree’s (Hess and Athena will both retire in 2023, by 4- and Freya has been spayed and will be looking for her perfect couch, IF I can bring myself to allow it!) Feel free to send me an email, or shoot me a text, or ring, to discuss. 

We have recently decided to retire Hess. She has had 2 gorgeous litters for us, and is currently 3 years old. Hessie is absolutely perfect. She is a million percent housebroken- she is left unattended inside for HOURS (often all day while I am in my shop- she prefers the soft beds to the raised cots I have in the shop, so often spends her days inside) She does not counter surf, has excellent recall – she always comes when she is called. A stern word will make her yelp, she’s very anxious to please.  She is Binx the cats favorite dog, and he always seeks her out for cuddles. Excellent with other dogs- male OR female- cats, loves kids of all ages- She’s an absolute joy of a dog to have around. Hessie truly has never met a stranger- she loves anything and everyone, and she’s a favorite at my vet clinic- one tech told me she was the nicest Dane she had ever met.

She has an appointment to be spayed on April 18th, but she can leave before then if a spay appointment is made by her new family. She goes under a very strict return contract- if she doesn’t work out for your family at any time, she comes back to me. Please reach out if you think she might be a fit for your family.