Here are some of our favorite products.

Please note we do recieve a comission from anything purchased by following these links. I do NOT recommend anything you won’t see on multiple pages on my site- I get asked all of the time what bed/ food/ collars etc to use, so here is a handy place to see them all!

Our dogs absolutely love these elevated pet beds. I personally own both styles- the K&H as well as the Amazon basics, and I love them both.


Our dogs enjoy these beds- and I love that I can remove the cover and machine wash it. Jumbo size works well for our girls.

This crate is perfect for training, as it has a center divider and will grow with your dog.

We absolutely love these martingale collars, for training or every day use.

These lick pads are fantastic for teaching your dog to enjoy bath time! 

This is the puppy food we use.

This is what we transition them to as adults.

This is the boys favorite ‘poop’ scoop- you simply use an old walmart sack, the arms loop over the edge of the basket- and when you’re done, you tie up the bag and dispose of the goods. Easy, peasy and very little cleanup!

We HIGHLY recommend these bells for potty training. They make housebreaking your baby SO easy, and they will continue with the training we have started here. You’ll see these bells on our door when come pick up your pup =)

Fish oil is wonderful for the skin and coat, and we have noticed a dramatic decrease in the ‘doggy’ smell after using it. 

Cosequin is fantastic for joint health!