Black Great Dane



About this puppy...

If you’re looking for a big dog, Fezzik is your man! Named after the gentle giant from the Princess Bride (are you sensing a theme to our names??) this fellow is a TANK. Gorgeous, wrinkly head- He’s outstanding, and was born and continues to be the largest pup in the litter. This guy is full European. Ready to go September 25th!

UPDATE- Is it wrong to have a favorite child? Because this guy is it, for me (followed VERY closely by Vizzini and the Countess!) He is SO brave and SO smart- he is the first one to leave the other pups to come hang with me- he wants nothing else than to be with me, every chance he gets. He will also push his door open to ‘ sneak ‘ out and hang when I’m feeding- he’s just awesome. I adore this puppy. He has zero problem fitting in with the older dogs (even Luna, who is a bit ‘extra’.) She REALLY wants to play with the puppies, but doesn’t realize she’s 90+ #’s. This guy takes it all in stride- feel free to text me for the video! And as my husband puts it- he has wrinkles on his wrinkles. This guy is going to be BIG! If he were blue, he wouldn’t leave- he is an exceptional puppy and is going to have all of the fabulous Euro characteristics.

Color : Black
Gender : Male
Birthdate : August 1, 2022

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