Stella Blue

About Stella

Stella is the newest addition to our program and the only dog we didn’t raise from puppyhood. If you look at our reference Sires, Stella was raised by the owner of Otis, who decided to retire from breeding and rehome her females. Stella is huge, with Euro breeding and an almost entirely blue background. She is a VERY affectionate dog who would much rather spend time in my pocket than playing with the other dogs. She is a ‘velcro’ dog in every sense of the word- she even sleeps with one eye open so she knows where I am at any given moment!

Stella has her CHIC certificate with the OFA, #177004. Click the link below to view the results.

Will be bred to ‘Dexter’, a 50% Euro, Lilac Harlequin Tan point male her next heat cycle (anticipating Jan/ early Feb heat) We are anticipating a littler of huge, gorgeous blues, who will carry tanpoint. Dexter has been OFA tested for Hips, Heart and Elbows. He is pictured in her gallery, and is Luna’s sire.

Color : Blue
Height : 33" inches
Weight : 130 lbs
Heritage : SIRE: Hannes Blue DAM: Cleopatra D York
Status : CHIC

Stella's Puppies